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Role play escorts

Undeniably, there have been moments when you would get sexually aroused by a certain scene or fantasy that you may have had in your dreams. That exciting feeling is special because you can't get it out of your head. And perhaps, it's quite a challenge to find someone who shares the same ideas in fulfilling role-playing scenarios together.

Role-playing is absolutely sexy, it’s acting and there’s always a sense of excitement that's hard to describe. If you're unfamiliar with it, it might feel very intimidating, completely bizarre and awkward. But as with most sexual activities, orgasms increase with communication and practice. Everything is possible, no need to be shy in your search for a role-playing date.

Chiq High-Class Escorts are very passionate and enjoy the art of true role-playing encounters. The Role Play escorts make it possible for you to describe exactly how you would like your date to succeed, from A to Z. It's important you provide as much information as possible about the role-playing act you would like the escort to perform. This special escort service is unique, fun, and all about making it possible to carry out erotic fantasies that would otherwise be impossible. You can really turn your fantasies into reality.

Role play escort scenarios

  • Classic power dynamics: Boss/secretary, schoolgirl and teacher, guest/French maid, nurse or doctor and patient, fitness instructor/student, landlord/tenant, etc. 

  • Female police officer dominating a bandit man in a sexual role-play, or vice versa.

  • Best friends

  • Roommates

  • Handyman and housewife

  • Massage therapist and Client

  • Food delivery and Client

  • Photographer and model

  • Cuckold

  • Master and slave

  • Age role play (younger/older scenarios)

  • Gender role play

  • Prison: Inmate and correctional officer

Independent Role-playing escort service Turn your wildest fantasies into reality

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