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Escort services in Belgium and the Netherlands

Chiq Escorts is a Belgian escort agency especially popular in the regions of Brussels / Brussels Capital Region, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, Hasselt, Knokke, and Leuven.

The escort girls of Chiq Escorts depart from locations such as Flanders, Flemish Brabant, and Limburg.

Of course, our luxury escorts are not only available in Belgium for an exciting and adventurous rendez-vouz date, but also in The Netherlands in cities like Amsterdam, Breda, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, and Utrecht.

In fact, more and more new ladies are joining us from different parts of the Netherlands. Our Dutch elegant escort girls of course also come as far as Belgium. So you have enough diversity to choose from. 

Are you staying alone in a hotel somewhere in Belgium or the Netherlands and do you want to book a nice date to add some excitement to your stay?

Would you like to meet a nice companion to prevent you from being lonely at night? Chiq Escorts escort service has a selection of various escort girls for you to choose from. Chances are that at least one profile of the escorts will appeal to you.

High escort service quality standards

The stereotypical image of the perfect and beautiful "High-Class Escort" is in many cases only characterized by appearance. We think this is unfair because there is much more to it.

What use are super sexy appearances, without content and superficial personality? At Chiq Escorts, we like to look further. In short: The looks of an escort girl are not everything! This critical policy also applies to potential clients who are interested in using our high-class escort services.

For instance, we have implemented a 1 strike policy throughout our agency. This means, for example, that if one of our elegant ladies communicates a negative review about a booking with us, in most cases the client will be blocked without consultation. 

These are deliberate and necessary measures that we implement to give a clear signal of the high-quality standards of our escort services.

A discrete escort appointment at your home or at a hotel?

Do you prefer a mature high-class escort or a young lady companion? Maybe you want a sensual striptease as an introduction before intimate contact takes place? Do you have specific wishes or special outfit requests? How about a maid 'role-play' escort service, where the lady dresses as a cleaning lady and pretends to be a cleaning lady of the hotel where you are staying? 

Whether you wish to meet in the morning or in the evening. That is up to you. Either way, fun is guaranteed. An experience that you will not soon forget, that's for sure! Our escorts come to your private home, to your hotel room, to a private spa/sauna or restaurant for a dinner date for example. Are you in the mood? Can't hold your climax any longer? This is the moment to book your Chiq High-Class Escort model. 

Which man doesn't like to go on an adventure? An adventure full of passion, seduction, and ecstasy. Let your wildest dreams come true. Want to meet a handsome and female classy companion for a bit of excitement and adventure? Go on a perfect escort date today and make an appointment discreetly with one of the spontaneous and fun Chiq Escort girls.

The escort agency consultancy & assistance role

We also use a very strict pre-selection procedure for all escort girls who register with our platform. All escort girls are thoroughly screened, 100% verified and, where necessary, guided to make their experience as pleasant as possible. Nothing is forced, everything is allowed! Coercion or intimidation are not part of our high-class philosophy! 

For example, we will never force the ladies to do anything against their will. Chiq Escorts is an escort agency where the mediation procedure is carried out by the independent escort herself. Because of this, all the ladies retain control over which appointments they do or do not want to make. 

The guiding role of Chiq Escorts is mainly one of consultancy and customer service support. Our organization provides all the ladies with personal advice and looks after their interests from A - Z. We see it as our main task to realize only the most reliable, pleasant, and high-quality escort appointments for all the girls. We do this by providing a strict escort service for all our clients. It is not possible to make an appointment with one of the girls if a client is not registered as a member.



To provide High-Class Escorts and qualified respectful gentlemen with a safe, sustainable and discreet escort dating platform to independently set up an escort appointment.


"Unforgettable intimate appointments with substance". High-Class Escort Ladies, High-Class Gentlemen, High-Class Appointments. Never settle for less!


Our core values

Delivering the ultimate climax is not always obvious. Especially if you have very specific wishes and high expectations. That is why we think it's important to work with an escort who not only has an intelligent profile but also has certain character traits and principled values.

  • Safety

A safe community of verified clients and escorts. Meeting one of the escorts on Chiq Escorts is only possible with a member account. 

  • Privacy

Guaranteeing anonymity by being discreet with your persona is in the interest of all stakeholders. Your private sensitive data is not stored anywhere.

  • Respect & appreciation

We find it important that all escorts and clients embrace and respect our values. Without respect = no appreciation. 

  • Diversity

We embrace diversity in the broadest sense of the word. Escorts are welcome regardless of, shape, size, culture, or ethnicity.

  • Hygiene

If you pay little attention to your hygiene, then Chiq Escorts is definitely not your match.

  • Honouring appointments

There is nothing worse than being caught by surprise. All parties involved need to be committed to meeting the agreements made. 

  • Reliable

You can trust us to look after your interests at all times in open and honest communication.


Professionalism and guarantee of privacy

We find it essential to always act correctly and professionally towards both customers and the ladies. We dare to guarantee with all confidence that no risks will be taken and no concessions made in the establishment of an escort date. Therefore, we find it important to get to know our clients. This is not only helpful in a matchmaking service, but it also ensures that all call girls enjoy their dates. 

As a client, you can rely on our escort agency to handle your personal data and privacy-sensitive information with great care. We understand like no other that if you are very fond of your private life, we will not contact you just like that. Don't worry, everything will be communicated and discussed in detail. We will assist you discreetly and do everything in our power to ensure that your date with the escort of your choice is as unforgettable and perfect as possible.


What's actually behind the brand name of Chiq Escorts? Well, it stands for luxury, beauty, class, respect, and professionalism. A young escort agency operating from Belgium (from West Flanders to Antwerp) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam to Maastricht): Discreet, Mature, Confidential, Honest and Adventurous. Chiq Escorts is an escort agency where all girls and potential clients are treated with respect and integrity. The High-Class Escort community is certainly not always and only about the intimate part, absolutely not. A companionship without a minimum level of intellectuality just doesn't cut it for us.


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