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Did you know that our escort service is available 24/7, 365 days a year in Belgium & The Netherlands? That's right! However, it's required for clients to register a membership account to book an appointment with one of the Chiq High-Class Escort models. If you don't have a membership account yet, sign up now. Once your account has been approved, you will be able to contact, book or request an appointment with the escort of your choice directly within her Chiq Escorts profile. All you have to do is click on 'make an appointment, fill in the bookings form/contact form and your inquiry will be encrypted, automatically and instantly delivered to the escort's email address. This is the only communication medium for personal and private interaction. Directly contacting Chiq Escort companions by phone call, SMS or WhatsApp unfortunately is not supported due to privacy concerns. We value both your privacy & discreetness and are committed to doing the same for all our High-Class Escorts.

Fill in the contact form or send us an email to infoatchiqescortsdotcom in case you have any other questions. Contact our Client Escort Customer Service by phone or WhatsApp at +32-456212190.


Contacting Chiq Escorts as a new client

Chiq Escorts is always open to welcoming new descent and gentlemen clients. Of course, couples are also welcome. We value building trust, respect, and high satisfaction standards. So it mustn't come as a surprise that we want to provide some safekeeping measures for all our High Class Escorts. That's one of the reasons why we just don't facilitate last-minute booking requests by new clients. A high class escort values any new client that takes the effort to introduce himself. It's simply what's expected in order to somewhat verify your genuine intent to have a great time together. There are lots of preparations that have to be taken into consideration before an escort rendez-vouz date can be successful. Communication is vital and it's very important that the Chiq Escorts model has a certain assurance feeling about all of this. So, if you're interested in booking an appointment with a Chiq Escorts High Class Escort model, please call our Customer Service: +32-456212190 to introduce yourself so we can get better acquainted. Preferably, before you do so, introduce yourself by sending us an e-mail (infoatchiqescortsdotcom) with comprehensive overview details of who you are. We don't expect you to provide any personal sensitive information! Introducing yourself by WhatsApp messaging is also possible. Indirectly you will have the opportunity to communicate with your desired escort, by a three-way messaging procedure: Our customer service will only play an intermediary role by forwarding messages between both clients and escorts. That way, the feeling of somewhat direct communication makes the whole contact experience a little personal and at the same time, the privacy of both parties stay intact.